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Dear  Parents,

Thank you for taking time to stop by our website and look around! I truly consider it an honor to be a part of what God is doing on our college campus. It is a privilege for my staff and me to invest our lives building into your son or daughter’s spiritual foundation. Back in 1997, I began to follow Jesus after someone took the initiative with me to personally explain and live out the Gospel message. Just a few months later, I walked onto a college campus as a freshman and quickly encountered all the different pressures and challenges that come with going to college. It was then that I saw the need to be plugged in with a campus ministry. God used that campus ministry to develop me spiritually, socially, and also help me wade through the muddy waters of college life. I am forever indebted to those that God used to help develop me into the man that I am today.

StuMo is an inter-denominational campus ministry that desires to see college students become leaders that are both spiritually and socially mature, and will go on to change the world. Tomorrow's business men and women, church leaders, politicians, missionaries, educators, community leaders, pastors, doctors, lawyers, and maybe most importantly - dads and moms are on the college campuses today. Our desire is to equip them to live for Christ and lead others to do the same wherever they may go. StuMo has been serving college students for 30+ years. There are numerous ways students can be involved. Our movement involves Bible studies, leadership studies, mentoring opportunities, a weekly large group meeting, conferences, a summer leadership program called Kaleo, and other training options that will equip them to be lifetime leaders spiritually and otherwise. We consider it a privilege to serve your son or daughter and the rest of college students in Oklahoma.


With Warmest Regards,

Brandon R.



Kevin Boortz


"The quality time spent with other men and women who have a desire to grow spiritually is something you do not expect a college student to do. This time allows the kids to see what a typical day outside of college will be and helps them prioritize and put God first each and every day."

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