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Students spend the summer living with a group of peers, usually from their own campus, with an upperclassman as their D-Group Leader. Students build deep and lasting friendships as they live, work, play, study the Bible, and pray together!

Each D-Group Leader will also meet personally with each student in their group on a 1-to-1 basis every week to teach them, encourage them, and help them with anything they need.  The whole D-Group comes together one night a week to do a Bible Study, pray together, and discuss what they've been learning and experiencing at Kaleo.


Each week, Stumo Staff and guest speakers talk on topics like Prayer, the Bible, and the importance of character, which will challenge and motivate students to grow in their relationship with God.


Several nights per week, Kaleo features sessions where the students will learn various practical skills in growing their personal relationship with God and helping others grow with God as well.

For example, over the course of the first several weeks, students will be taught how how to study the Bible for themselves. Each week, students will take a passage of Scripture and dissect what it says, what it means, and how it applies to their life right now!

Also, there are several conferences that are put on for the students.  We bring in incredible guest speakers and cover the topics of Godly Dating & Marriage, Discipleship, and Missions.


Each of the Kaleo Projects is run by Student Mobilization Staff from the various campuses. Each Kaleo has a staff person serving as the Project Director. The Project Director is responsible for all aspects of Kaleo and will be present at the Project for the entire summer.

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