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MAY 30 - JULY 30

What is Summer Training?

Summer is a time for you to take a break from the college life and experience something different. Study abroad. Get an internship. Visit family. Work a job. Take a vacation. The summer offers endless possibilities of fun and excitement. 


But, summer also presents several challenges to continue your spiritual growth. During the summer, all we want to do is disengage from the pressures that we experience during the school year. The temptation to disengage can often carry over into your spiritual life.

That's why Summer Training was created. For the summer to be a step forward in your spiritual growth, not a step back.

Cost: $59
Apply by May 5th


Go through a weekly Bible Study and online group discussion

Memorize verses that go along with the weekly topic

Develop the habit of spending consistent time with God

Watch online messages over key Biblical topics

Summer Training will help you connect to a group of students from your campus who are wanting to develop spiritually too.

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